Special Offer - VIP membership of Tinnitus Tunes
To celebrate Tinnitus Awareness Week - we have launched a new VIP membership
We know it it will not be for everyone, but we have had a number of people, including existing members ask us to launch a more complete membership service that makes it easier for you.
So our VIP Membership includes the following:
- First of all we make it easy for you by providing you with a Sony MP3 player all pre-loaded with the partial masking, relaxation, attention focusing and adaptation sound therapy files. Plus all the audio podcasts with guided positive visualization, progressive relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises.
- You also have all 200 plus Brain Training sound files ready to use without having to download the files yourself into a playlist. So you can focus on "rewiring your brain" to shift attention away from your tinnitus
- You have two one-on-one online consultation sessions via Zoom to set you on the right path and a check in after the 12 week tinnitus transformation program to refine and consolidate your treatment.
- You will receive the weekly action steps and the latest research and treatment updates.

- If you are already a full member of Tinnitus Tunes we will give you a cash back credit of US$107 to thank you for upgrading to the VIP service level. The credit will come through a few days after you have upgraded - so your net cost will only be US$290 for 12 months VIP membership.
  Special Offer  US$397 
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