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5 things you must know before trying to improve your tinnitus - free tinnitus video lessons

These video lessons have been co-designed with our Tinnitus Tunes members to tackle their greatest fears and remove many of the myths surrounding tinnitus including:

  1. You can and must lower your stress / anxiety levels before trying to transform your tinnitus - and you can do it naturally with the right relaxation techniques.
  2. It does not matter if you have had tinnitus for years, or only a few months - the Tinnitus Tunes program will work as long as you are willing to try new techniques - who was it said if you carry on doing the same thing - you cannot expect a different result.
  3. Your tinnitus could be linked to a serious underlying medical condition - but it is very rare. There are other far more common causes of tinnitus.
  4. Your occupation can increase the risk of you getting tinnitus - but there are simple measures you can take to reduce that risk.
  5. Tinnitus is not just about our "ears" it also involves our emotions and our brains. The brain's natural ability to "rewire itself" through neuroplasticity is incredibly powerful and you can use the Tinnitus Tunes brain training exercises to take full advantage of that power and transform your tinnitus. 
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  The 3 free video sessions include:
Explanation of the connection between stress and tinnitus - including a case study. Plus how to reduce stress & anxiety.
What are the main causes of tinnitus and access to a paper on the more serious (but rare) medical problems associated with tinnitus.
Drilling into the Why and How brain plasticity and brain training can transform tinnitus.
"It has been exciting to co-design the new video lessons with some of our members"

Tom Donaldson
Co-Founder & CEO, Tinnitus Tunes